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I've Outgrown My Alliance

Hey everyone,

So I've been playing MCOC for almost a year now, and I've made some pretty good strides in not just my roster, but my skills as well. I joined my current alliance when I was still running 3*s and continued to grow and improve, so much that I eventually got promoted to an officer. I've taken the officer role seriously and have tried to push my alliance to get better and participate more, but unfortunately, they're limited by their own skill and willingness to get better.

It wasn't an easy decision but our leader and I have decided that the alliance has reached its peak and I should probably join an alliance that will suit my trajectory of growth. We're a Silver 1 alliance and have been running Map 3&4 in AQ constantly.

I'm still learning and getting better, but I'm active, have a pretty solid roster (imo) and I believe I am a better fighter than average as I do my due diligence in research and preparation for events, AQ, and AW.

I'm looking to make an immediate impact on an alliance, though not necessarily looking to be an officer, but will entertain it if offered down the road. Looking to join at least a gold alliance and be surrounded by other members that will be helpful in my growth.

LINE: Klashd


  • KlashdKlashd Posts: 47
    edited May 2019

    RIP to me with that 6* HB pull
  • KlashdKlashd Posts: 47
    Found one. Thanks for checking, everyone.
  • CreggaCregga Posts: 2
    I used to be in that alliance. Goody and his brother are good dudes.
  • Masquerade1981Masquerade1981 Posts: 294
    If you're still looking, my alliance might fit the bill. We're a fun/chill/active alliance running 3 BGs in AQ, 100% all 5 days, and optional AW. 2 BGs 5x5, 1 BG 4x5. Hit me up on LINE if you're interested.

    LINE: jessetrippe
    IGN: Masquerade1981
  • KlashdKlashd Posts: 47
    Cregga said:

    I used to be in that alliance. Goody and his brother are good dudes.

    Great people. If you want a great 'family' get in!
  • zbot34zbot34 Posts: 442
    Hey Klashd you said you found a new alliance correct? if not please check out my latest post and see if my alliance may be what you are looking for. Thanks.
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