Can we get a Team Arena every Sunday?

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The current Individual Arenas each Sunday are underwhelming. 2-Star Crystals are not valuable, and the Arenas don't encourage enough play for Solo or Team Events for Arena Points. It would be great to see the return of Team Arenas on this one day, with two different Arenas; one a lower value for lower teams to aim for, another a higher value for bigger teams to play in.

The lower Arena should restrict to 4-Stars and below, with fights being capped against 4-Stars at peak streak difficulty, allowing these teams to focus on collectively going for growth from milestones. The bigger team Arena would be restricted to 5 and 6-Star fighters, enforcing the need to build those fighters and help out with scoring.

These Arenas don't need to have Rank Rewards, as the goal should just be to hit milestones as a team. I think it would be useful to have milestones that include Tier 1 Alphas, Tier 4 Basics, and a 4-Star Rank Up Gem, along with other milestones of Gold, Units and lower Rank Up materials, like crystals that contain random Tier 2 and 3 Class Catalysts. The lower Arena could get a 4-Star Rank Up Gem of Rank of Rank 3->4 as the peak milestone, while the higher Arena could have a Rank 4->5 Rank Up gem as the peak milestone. Basically, you build your fighters, gain the rank up materials in the milestones, while using the collected materials to start building your 5-Stars for focus in the higher Arena, slowly growing your roster to increase scoring regularly in the future. This would allow lower players to catch up in some ways, as higher teams may have little or no use for excess 4-Star Rank Up Gems. These Arenas would still benefit higher teams, though, as the Tier 1 Alphas and Tier 4 Basics would allow them to build their 5-Stars in Ranks.

This doesn't need an abundance of Tier 1 Alphas or Tier 4 Basics, just a few extra to allow players to have a goal to focus on during the Sunday cooldown. Milestones shouldn't be excessively high, since it's a one day Arena, and if 30 players contribute it should be a simple enough goal to maybe get 3-5 Tier 1 Alphas and 2-4 Tier 4 Basics, depending upon how many are included across both Arenas. Because of the team focus, the participation requirements make sense to include for milestone rewards.

In previous Team Arenas, sometimes a 4-Star fighter was the goal. This could make a return, with occasional Rare or unreleased fighters being run as well, like Thanos, Kang, Ultron (Classic), or themed fighters (like Avengers this month, Defenders another month if there was a Defender Event running, Villians if there was a Villain Event running, X-Men, Spider-Verse, and maybe during something like Halloween you could offer the mashups like Frank Strange, Unstoppable Ant, or any other combination fighters [because it's capped to 4-Stars for now, these likely would not break the game or cause issues in harder content...I think]).

Adding a team based Arena each Sunday to include extra Rank Up materials and a Basic champion to play for as a group would be a valuable addition to the weekend Arena.


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    Dkutctgh said:

    Great idea
    But I don’t see it happening

    You're probably right. I just feel like there's a massive gap for beginning and lower teams with the way the game is progressing, and ignoring them will make them lose interest in the game.
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