New music and voices for characters!

I think it’s time for new things in de Mcoc game this music is getting enoying. It’s always the Same
Can kabam put new music in the game. And maybe some new voices for the characters maybe some lines even with the sp or when you got a win that would be pretty cool.
I think this game got more potential

Kabam can you do something with this plz !?


  • This game having like literally 3 tracks is so annoying, they should have different tracks for bosses and for the dialogue in story/events, at least.
  • K1lltasticK1lltastic Posts: 629 ★★★
    More music would be nice, but they've got this far without paying extra money to voice actors, why would they start now? While voices would also be nice, it's just a thing they'd have to pay more for, for no real advantage.
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,562 ★★★★
    The music is very old and annoying.
    Solution: Listen to your own music while playing MCoC

    The sound effects are getting old too. Kabam doesn't like voice acting or adding any more effects.
    No solution to this
  • Thanos28Thanos28 Posts: 3
    edited May 2019
    They make enough money. Just give the players some new things. New music would be nice. Don’t know why this should be really hard and new voices !! If it cost money. They got enough and maybe they can use some existing lines of the movies in the Mcu. ?? Other shows ? I dont know how That works with rights. Otherwise just make some new cool voices ! LETS MAKE THIS GAME MORE EXCITING KABAM!!!!
    I'd love new music. Something a tad more epic!
  • Thanos28Thanos28 Posts: 3
    Kabam read this!!!!
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