Gwenpool special 2 turns into a parry

Jac094Jac094 Posts: 198
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Hi kabam, sometimes when using my 3* Gwenpool, the first part of the special 2 hits the target, but the second part (the bomb Gwenpool kicks to the opponent) turns itself into a parry, for the opponent of course, don't know if this happens also with 4* or 5*


  • Jac094Jac094 Posts: 198
  • mathemandymathemandy Posts: 1
    i noticed the same thing too on my 4* gwenpool, i almost thought i didnt time the l2. Please fix kabam
  • Leo_xLeo_x Posts: 1
    It happened to me against magik at aw..
    It's very annoying and frustrating, because I needed the power block to defeat magik and it didn't work
  • FizicystFizicyst Posts: 43
    I have a great example that they should be able to reproduce easily. I used my 4* Gwenpool against the map 5 minibosses and it was especially bad when we had 120k+ health rhino. I hit him with the first part of the level 2 special and he would hit me before the grenade landed (which did not hit him because he had already dashed forward)! The AI recovered way too fast! How awesome it was to be rewarded for landing a special by eating a combo!
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