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Community's Choice: Champion Update Poll



  • SharkyDSharkyD Posts: 9

  • BrainimpacterBrainimpacter Posts: 578 ★★★
    A vote for Groot will mean free fruit
  • BrnbbyBrnbby Posts: 51
    If you did colossus wouldn't hurt to give him an edge against korg... Just saying 🤔🤫🤐
  • Pr0t0t7p3Pr0t0t7p3 Posts: 187
    Torn between Venompool and Colossus. They both have a lot of potential to be "great again". I think VP could easily benefit from some VTD like action for a wide array of buffing. Colossus definitely needs it more.
    Casting my vote for.......
  • MjgibsonMjgibson Posts: 1
    Colossus all the way. He should have alot of immunities
  • Pokexperto70Pokexperto70 Posts: 3
    Colossus for President
  • Jessie_GymJessie_Gym Posts: 109
  • UncleRayRayUncleRayRay Posts: 15
    Now Kabam will buff Colossus as a tremendous defender, same like Korg, but weak as a champ you play... Hope u are all happy with your bad decision.
  • LowEndKellsLowEndKells Posts: 28
    Give Kamala Khan Some Love! Have Her Maxed Out 🤦🏽‍♂️ 1*-2*-3*-4*-5* 😂 Don’t Ask Why 🤷🏽‍♂️😭
  • DalBotDalBot Posts: 1,616 ★★★★★
    I can think of 161 reasons why I voted for Colossus (and Youtubers ain't one)

  • DredgenDredgen Posts: 1
    Colossus ftw!
  • What regen did he has
    None so that means waste of time
    To buff him is like taking a cooking pan and just heat it to the break point
  • DemolitionistDemolitionist Posts: 1
    I don't have colossus as a 5* but he should hit hard like thing and hulk and defensive like korg
  • All the guys that vote collosus they have him as a 5* and duped
  • CassyCassy Posts: 1,063 ★★★
    I am curious, will unstoppable Colossus also be affected?
    Or will He stay the same to remind us how Bad Colo realy was?
  • Pr0t0t7p3Pr0t0t7p3 Posts: 187
    I have them all except Groot as 5*. But my Colossus and VP are multi-duped and they're ranked. so...
  • MarsRuiRuiMarsRuiRui Posts: 27
    I vote for colossus because he is one of the first champs in the game, in the comics he is so so strong, oh man i just fan from him and so badly hope he get's what he deservers. Hope also not just buff him but also give him new animations. like new sp1, sp2, sp3 " a cool body slam leaving a crater, or big ass powerpunsh. Super high hopes and thanks for give us summoners chance to choose a champ to buff........very cool !!!
  • DiablosUltimateDiablosUltimate Posts: 1,021 ★★★
    I wonder, what are the colours of particular options? I can only tell that Colossus is purple, but the other bars are really hard to see
  • Marlo_Mike33Marlo_Mike33 Posts: 193
    I don't have him as a 5* and I could care less about being influenced by a YouTuber. Colossus simply NEEDS the buff more than every one else on the list. He literally does NOTHING but get armor ups.
  • SSofLimboSSofLimbo Posts: 148
    I am Groot

  • RuffRuff Posts: 3
    Buff for the Duck!!
  • vanderlailvanderlail Posts: 1
  • EHLauEHLau Posts: 1
    CammonRo said:

    I am Groot

    For anyone who doesn't speak groot, it means "Vote for Colossus"
  • Taroon2910Taroon2910 Posts: 2
  • WOLFY_0WOLFY_0 Posts: 18
    From the list champions available, only Colossus got nothing to to increase its damage, heal or debuff. He only got armour up which don’t even feel like it’s doing anything at all.

    That’s why I prefer to update Colossus, I don’t need any YouTubers to tell me which champion to vote for. This is pretty straight forward comparison between the list of champs.
  • HedronHedron Posts: 359
    Colossus alwayd
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