Looking for Active Alliance

Llama here,
I'm looking for an active alliance. I have access to Line and discord and can make an account for any other messaging platform. Im currently 80k rated and have 4 r4/40 4 stars, and one r5/39 4 star. I've just beat nameless thanos on Master difficulty so I'm not bad at the game lol.


  • wtf1738wtf1738 Posts: 10
    I believe that our alliance is the perfect place for you we will help you grow.
  • wtf1738wtf1738 Posts: 10
    What is you In game name?
  • Archangel442Archangel442 Posts: 158
    Add archangel442 on line, let’s chat
  • Blaz1ng_3ch0Blaz1ng_3ch0 Posts: 153
    Hey. We are a chilled alliance but take aq and aw seriously. We do aq map 4 and 2 (for full exploration). We rank silver 1 in war. We started with whatsapp but its not necessary. If intrested find me in game
    Alliance: Fire strike
    In game name: Blazing Echo
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