Nameless Thanos UC Edition

TheRealApocTheRealApoc Posts: 314 ★★
Maybe it is just me, I am using a team of Blade, Star Lord, Sparky, Angela and Hyperion. And I use them in a way where I am using Hyperion during that stage with Thorns. Every time I get to the reverse controls stage no matter what I do with my phone. Hyperion always flys across the screen ignoring my controls and gets slammed with a 3-4 hit combo and is obliterated. It is starting to get super annoying and I am now on my 14, 000, 605th time of trying to take out this Universe Killer. (Not really it just feels like 14 million). Thanos literally stands in my way to R5 my next 5* and my next 6*. This is starting to become quite frustrating. And I have to admit I am not spending at all to beat this guy so the RNG is really not on my side.


  • PeterQuillPeterQuill Posts: 1,371 ★★★★
    I used sparky for the first 65 percent. He can stun lock most of the fight and then when you get to the last you just need to intercept. Took me 2 weeks to get him down in one run. If you have a cap IW try him out in the last phase. Or even she hulk would do in the last phase.
  • TheRealApocTheRealApoc Posts: 314 ★★
    I just don't get it with Hyperion happened again. Thanos changes modes and not even touching the screen and Hype is throwing a punch that causes a 3 hit combo to kill him.
  • NguyenDauNguyenDau Posts: 248
    Try change ur team but depending on ur star and rank.

    if u have a 5 star r4 blade i wud use him compare to many others.
    Thanos is marked as Villain..

    Hyperion there is some kind of bug (think its mention in bug section about hyperion/thanos/general,
    After u use a sp3 with hyperion he keep punchin after the animation is over.

    I wud suggest to change ur team..
    cuz atm / for now hyperion is not a good option. I also notice that sometimes he miss his sp1 against thanos ( the first hit)

    Blade, Spark , GR - to save units Heimdal + hulk or any good hard hitter on a sp3.
  • SDPSDP Posts: 1,598 ★★★
    Try and record what is happening and make sure you are not touching it. Maybe record your phone with another phone as well.

    Then, just leave Hype behind and try someone else I guess. Get your best Avenger in there maybe.
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