9627 Prestige, Trying to decide what to do with my life....

Long time alliance finally dissolved. Trying to decide what to do with my life .... casual play? keep playing? shut'r down? Current prestige: 9627, EST timezone. Spoken language: English.

Ideally, would be nice to get some more T2A. Not overly excited about war. DESPISE having to wait in AQ. Not interested in less than Map 5 AQ (6s and 5s ideally). Not interested in a rebuilding alliance with possible high turnover. Enjoy colorful banter in an environment not prone to sensitive feelings.

Add in-game only, I rarely check forums. "Greek Beek"

Any ideas, convince me .....


  • Vital_Vital_ Posts: 58
    Gold 1, 170mil aq. Bg1 does map 6 two or three days a week. Most of us like to talk **** to each other. Line id- junowat
  • Shin_OniShin_Oni Posts: 13
    Hi, we are a gold 1 alliance who are to AQ map 5 and 6 (map 6 on AW placement days). If interested please ping me on line @ shin_oni
  • Markjv81Markjv81 Posts: 807 ★★★★
    Top 250 AQ (163 last round), do 6x5, should hit 300mil if you joined us. Chill AW. Add me on LINE markjv81
  • JorgeR22JorgeR22 Posts: 24
    I know you won't probably choose us, but we are a growing alliance looking for players that can take us to the next level, we don't ask for donations nor we use line, we use a discord server that you can join if you want to once you are part of the alliance. You can add me on MCOC as JorgeR22, we could talk more if you are interested, hope to hear from you soon!
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