Most usefull Champ for Act 6.1 (from this list)

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Hello everyone,

I am planning to give act 6 a try soon. I am also close to upgrading a 5 star to rank 4.
My current rank 4 5 stars are: (no rank 5's)
Red Hulk (dpd)
Storm (6 star)

I do not have Ghostrider, Sparky or Wasp as a 5 star for synergies sadly.

I`ll post my champs here since I pressed enter and I accidentally posted it before giving all the options
Cable (dpd)
Green Goblin
Symbiote Supreme (I'm really bad with him)
Omega Red

Most usefull Champ for Act 6.1 (from this list) 8 votes

Cable (duped)
Spity68 1 vote
Green Goblin
Mephisto (blade synergy?)
GamerAcipp23CUBThe_WatcherCtleath_013Thicco_ModeFunopoly 7 votes
Black Panther Civil War


  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 3,625 ★★★★★
    Definitely Symbiote Supreme or Omega Red(if duped). Omega is probably slightly better for 6.1 though
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    Duped Omega Red is MVP of Act 6.1
    And if you have Quake or Hyperion, those two are better for Act 6.1 than your poll options.
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    Not sure how you can be bad with Symbiote Supreme. Pretty basic play style. SP3 spam for the most part. He would be a great choice for you. The ones you put in the poll are all pretty bad options for Act 6 except maybe Mephisto, but with the large health pools he wont do too hot. If Omega Red is duped he is your best option otherwise I would go with symbiote supreme

    When I say bad. I feel like you just use him when he is the perfect counter looking at buffs. If you have opponents that do not have many buffs he hits like a pillow. So I guess I just don`t understand how to play with him if the opponent isn't a venom or groot.
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