What we DO like about Marvel Contest of Champions! For Real.



  • graphics good, game play good, but I still love the old one before 12.0, now the game is all the same things, event quest, aw, aq, ally quest, duel?... all the same boring thing, my goal is have a 5* roster at rank 4... but when it's all done now what?.. all boring game... legend tag?.. title?.. nah.. this game is a circle of devil n addicted, u choose to play then ur bound n be a slave... good luck guys...
  • My favourite things are:
    -beating a much higher rated ally in a war
    -when you reach another level in the game, for example when you started getting 4/40 champs, then 5/50 etc
    -going back to things you've left due to the difficulty and smashing it
    -the community aspect of the game
    -there is literally always something to do
  • The1_NuclearOnionThe1_NuclearOnion Posts: 893 ★★★
    I like attempting and achieving perfect rounds!
    Trying hard for that Perfect blocking, perfect evading, perfect timing of everything round that you kick a bosses rear end and look around like someone might have noticed.

    It's a good feeling.

    Then you press on trying to make it happen again.
  • ApacheApache Posts: 557 ★★
    my alliance peeps thats about it, other than that this game a cash grab will zero return
  • Ah_boy8Ah_boy8 Posts: 67
    I love the graphic, love that is free to play when you progress slowly yet satisfying.
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