Please note that when we enable the 1 Loyalty Cost for Revives in Alliance Wars for Season 34, they will not be visible from the screen that appears when you choose to Revive or Heal a Champion from the Fight Screen.

You will be able to purchase Revives from the Loyalty tab in the Store Menu.

What Champ do you want so bad but never have pulled?



  • DemonicStalkerDemonicStalker Posts: 173
    Agent Venom
    Night Thrasher
    Green Goblin

    These are champs I do not have and the last time I scored a "new" or "do not have" champ in basic 5* crystal was back in Dec 2018 and it was KM. After that i've been duping non-stop for the last 5 months...
  • WarriorDog06WarriorDog06 Posts: 49
    Havok! Please Kabam gods bless me with him in my next five star crystal! I just read some comics that had him in it and would die to pull him!
  • RikuremaRikurema Posts: 141
    Blade lol
    The save for blade, opened 6, nada
    2 dungeon crystals for blade (this current one and another one from a while back)
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 6,208 ★★★★★
    DNA3000 said:

    DrZola said:

    DrZola said:

    Hesitating to post this here lest it jinx me...

    At 5/6* level I’d love a CapIW or a Stark Spidey. They are the good versions of two of my favorite Marvel characters.

    Dr. Zola

    Did I say this clearly? Because it got translated to the servers as “dupe my 5* Ant-Man.”

    Dr. Zola
    Dup him enough times and maybe he becomes Giant Man.
    Nah. I will just wait until they introduce the “Gi” gear for him.

    Dr. Zola
  • Mad_Titan_21Mad_Titan_21 Posts: 8
    4* Scarlet Witch
  • ThatOneMasterGamerThatOneMasterGamer Posts: 790 ★★★
    A f***ing Killmonger that hunts my dreams.I NEED HIMMMM,I've only got him as a 3* but he's no use for my WS and ST.Then Ghost,Void and Doctor Octopus.
  • DeathShooter85DeathShooter85 Posts: 38
    I also wanted Moon Night 5star I was so close but then got a 2star
  • Praetor_Zwei153Praetor_Zwei153 Posts: 56
    912k rating (basically quit the game) but I still need a gulk. Even a 4* will do
  • binrakbinrak Posts: 193
    Blade I really want him I opened 2 featured crystals and 2 dungeon crystals for him didn't get him so far
  • Ketchup1791Ketchup1791 Posts: 114
    Voodoo. I've been holding onto a 4* Mystic Gem for almost a year and a half for him and nothing. I'd take a 5* but I couldn't awaken him, but at this point I don't care. I want Voodoo dang it.
  • IcthalianIcthalian Posts: 31
    I've been playing since not long after release and still don't have a 4* SW. Would love a Void or KM above 3* too.
  • FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Wouldnt mind a 4 or 5* havok. I pulled a 3* version on my second account last night and he's quite fun to play with
  • silver_dragonsilver_dragon Posts: 15
    Would love to get x23 - have her as a 3* but really want her as either a 4 or 5* oh and quake as well.
  • AldacAldac Posts: 390 ★★★
    edited May 2019
    Omega Red 5* I think. Have had resources waiting for him forever. Also never pulled a 5* Sparky. Masacre in 5 or 6* would also be awesome.
  • Ægon0710Ægon0710 Posts: 83
    OR and Void to go with my ST and KM
  • _Kill_Switch__Kill_Switch_ Posts: 265 ★★
    I just wanna dupe my Starlord man :(
  • Dfs01Dfs01 Posts: 6
    Still haven't got a Ghost rider above 3*. Know he's not top anymore, but would still like one.
  • UlysseOdysseus75UlysseOdysseus75 Posts: 188
    I'm still waitin for you Joe Fixit :'(
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