LOOKING for Determined Alliance (1 BG map2) & WAR Optional, why please read:

Hi Everyone,

I am a very Driven & have a TeamWork mentality. I am looking for an Alliance that would be a perfect fit being Active & Social. I do all events at least in top 10, even SA. I would like to have a Alliance that runs Map 2 why.. you have the option to have no Champ lock & multitask. You could do maps 2,3,4 ×5 100% completion is the goal and WAR optional ( A little fight in you, I like that !)

I just want to find a home, not be a high contributor in the corner....
Line: [email protected]
IGN: Ps¥c£


  • JorgeR22JorgeR22 Posts: 24
    Hey, I saw you commented on my post and posted this, I added you in game let's talk
  • DCG921DCG921 Posts: 54
    edited June 2019
    I am sorry, I do not use Discord. And really trying to find the right fit for me. Good Luck in your Endeavors @JorgeR22
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