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Looking for an active Map 4 and Gold alliance - no leeches pls

Hey there, looking for a place where people take responsibility for their own activity and always keeping the WHOLE BG behind and doesn't communicate.

Ultimately looking for a relaxed alliance and ideally UK or American timezones.

I've been an officer for quite abit so I know how painful it is to find reliable and capable players - I am one.

Line ID - hasnando


  • IamTryingMyBestIamTryingMyBest Posts: 72
    Line ID is actually - Hasnando.

  • UnjustifiedUnjustified Posts: 14
    U still looking for a map 4 alliance?
  • DimmDimm Posts: 85
    Hello there. i just saw your post. if you have time pls do contact me on line. My ID on line is divinespring. if you have time i would like to hear from you if ever. do message and hit me up, thanks.
    would like to have you in my alliance and i believe you would be want we need in pushing forward. my IGN is divinenaga99. do contact me
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 562
    We are running map 4 but we are currently Silver 2. Thought I would put it out there. We use line for communication. Been together since 2015. I sent you a friend request. In game or on line at DaBills. Thanks.
  • IamTryingMyBestIamTryingMyBest Posts: 72

    U still looking for a map 4 alliance?

    Yup I am!! What's your line name pls?
  • UnjustifiedUnjustified Posts: 14
  • deadly316deadly316 Posts: 52

    Hey guy’s on the lookout for an active members for alliance, Lost some members recently and are trying to get back on track. Contact on LINE if interested deadly3166
  • BrazenhutBrazenhut Posts: 122
    Hey are you still looking for an alliance?
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