Invisible woman regenerating after sp3

I built up killmongers big bleed on sp3, got rid of masochism and then was able to launch it. After the sp3 and probably 2 or 3 seconds after it she regenerated all of her health. Hopefully these pics help, I don’t know how to upload videos.



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    I got invisible woman down to 20 or so percent with Havok from a sp3, she immediately regenerated all her health after. The same thing happened with my killmonger after, but I was able to record that. Am i missing something or is this a bug?
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    Hopefully these help, I’m not sure how to upload videos.

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    Read her abilities
  • TripleBTripleB Posts: 56

    Read her abilities

    What ability would make her regen that much? I’ve read her abilities before, can you please show me which one would’ve done that?
  • TripleBTripleB Posts: 56

    Video of it. Thank you @Drooped2
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    Duh, masochism. From the looks of it, you have it set up such that sp3 will inflict multiple bleeds based on hIs abilities. It's possible that she masochismed all those bleeds at once I guess?
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    ok, i saw that you mentioned masochism in the original post, my bad. Maybe the masochism timer refreshed while you were in the middle of the SP3 animation and therefore your bleeds got masochismed?
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    Definitely a bug ... see the video before commenting everyone!
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    TripleB said:

    Video of it. Thank you @Drooped2

    Unbelievable. She regenerated like a witch. It’s a bug.
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    The exact same thing just happened to me. I had her at 40 percent health and she regen to 90 percent immediately
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    But I had already spent around 800 units to take her down because she’s so defensive by the time I parry and trigger masochism she just dodged back all the way from the middle of the map to the wall and then won’t attack again until masochism can trigger again. This has happened every single fight. Her block penetration is so ridiculous I can’t try to stun her but a few times before she has me knocked out. My r4 duped five star hype cant even deal with it.
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    I uused CG, was able to get her down to about 5% then blade for the last 5
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    Corvus takes her down so quickly. Venom, balde etc. Havent tried with void and sabertooth (with kilmonger synergy) but bet they work well too.

    I suggest you max despair if you need to counter the healing with bleed champs.

    You could also try boosting. If you see her start to regen when at low health, some people have said they pause and quit the fight. Then finish her with another champ.
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    VOLK1902 said:

    Duh, masochism. From the looks of it, you have it set up such that sp3 will inflict multiple bleeds based on hIs abilities. It's possible that she masochismed all those bleeds at once I guess?

    If it was masochism all bleeds should be removed.
    If you watch the video it was definitely not masochism. Her switching from visible to invisible caused her to shrug off all the bleeds at once, and when her force field reached 100 charges she suddenly healed all the way back to full health instantly
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    Read the masochism node. It says the next debuff triggered is removed. Not all debuffs already existing. If you don’t know how a node works don’t bother commenting. This is a bug no question.
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    It’s a bug. That’s all there is to it. Masochism is taking all the duffs and healing for them when it should only be taking one. I’m disgusted on how many units I just wasted trying to take her down to get hit with this bug that made it impossible.
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    That seems fishy as what I saw she lost force field went invisible mascholism activated then all of sudden shot back to full defo is a bug but damn that's bad
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    I'm glad I wasn't the only one this happened to since maybe that means it will be addressed. I literally just googled "Havoc Invisible Woman bug" to find this thread but similar story (unfortunately not recorded). On my second run through on Uncollected I used Havoc, built up close to 10 Plasma on her and threw sp3. Didn't killer her, but she was at 100% health afterwards and I was so frustrated and confused. Ended up using an embarrassing number of team revives after even though I should've just restarted the path instead.
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    We need @Kabam Miike to the rescue...I hope
  • I'm asking the team about this right now.
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    I just had something similar happen to me. I was playing as Quake and while Invisible Woman was stunned and I was charging my heavy she healed about 40% of her health back. Another weird thing happened later after she killed me with 2% health left I revived and when the next fight started she had 6% health from the beginning of the fight.

    I read all of her abilities but didn't see anything like this in there. Granted I am tired and frustrated so I could have missed it, but it seems like there is something broken going on here.

    (made an account just to report this)
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    I had the same thing happen to me using KM. 17 or so bleed stacks applied on SP3 when her masochism, force field, and invisibility were all on cool down. Even though she was around 20% health when I triggered SP3, she jumped to full health a few seconds after bleed were successfully applied.

    I don’t have a video of my exact fight, but it was almost identical to the one posted above.
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    Had this happen with domino's sp3 in uncollected, regened from like 26% also did 0 damage during her sp3.
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    Definitely a bug then
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    There wasn't even a regeneration notification on her side of the screen, or the usual +X in green indicating a regeneration, when she jumped from 50% to 100%.
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    Happened to me also with AA, CAIW & Corvus.

    Is there a reason she can punish me while I’m in the middle of a combo too?
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