So... skill gem again, huh?

I admit it, I'm probably a bit too much of a whale when it comes to the 5* awakening gem offers. I've been pretty unlucky with them, though, with 7 of them being skill.

I've used them to awaken my BW, Aegon, and Blade already, and have 4 left for NF, Korg, and KM if I ever pull them, but until I do, they just stack in my inventory, and it seems like every time I get that offer, I pick up another one.

Could we have something like the t4cc, trading multiple of one class for one that cannot be that class? (seriously, any other class would be great, Kabam! I could actually use those!)


  • MedinaKhanMedinaKhan Posts: 158
    The idea of trading 3 of those for 1 of another makes me a little queasy, especially when you bought them for $70+ each apparently. Just hold for future skill champs.
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