New Vision bug?

When you take vision's sp1 or sp2 on your block it deals no damage.
@Kabam Miike
@Kabam Lyra


  • SquishyjrThe_4THSquishyjrThe_4TH Posts: 1,474 ★★★
    That’s how it works it is not a big and you don’t need to @ mod or admin they read stuff already
    Both visions SPs deal damage proportional to the power drained. Since blocking means your power doesn’t get drained it does no damage
  • dr_nish777dr_nish777 Posts: 44
    Ok thanks so much for help.
    I tagged them because I care for the game .
  • SquishyjrThe_4THSquishyjrThe_4TH Posts: 1,474 ★★★
    People generally tag because they think it will get to the floor faster, it doesn’t. Mods and admin read post
    No problem, Visions sp1 drains 1 bar and sp2 drains all 3 and if you make the opponent go to 0 power you but a heal block so try to maximize both of those
  • Thanks for helping out @SquishyjrThe_4TH! This is correct. Vision's Special 1 and 2 damage is based on the power burned from the Opponent, and since it doesn't do that through Block, he can't cause damage through a Blocked hit.
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