Mid-combo interrupted

Am I the only one having this problem where I get specials to the face right in the middle of my combo? I thought I was only outskilled, but now it seems a little obvious, I had this problem fight Namor, over and over, maybe it's the way the champion was designed I guessed, but it just happened in a fight against Blade. A full Sp2 in right in the middle of the combo, just like the Thing.


    Only happened once with me but it was in RoL. Took on Winter Soldier with Stark Spidey and he got to an SP2 and launched it while I was beating down on him mid combo. Fortunately, it was Stark Spidey and he auto-evaded it.
    Never had another occurrence since then.
  • roberto94roberto94 Posts: 779 ★★
    Kabam are aware and they “working as intended” and said “it has always been possible for AI to activate their powers during combo sequences” when in truth it’s must be a bug that favor them?
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