Upcoming Bug Fixes and Changes to Act 6 Chapter 2


Early next week, we will be pushing the following Bug Fixes and Changes to Act 6 Chapter 2:

- Fixed an issue where Backblast was activating when a Critical Hit exceeded 3% of the Opponent’s Maximum HP, instead of 5%
- Fixed an issue where Mr Sinister in 6.2.2 was Regenerating more than he should be from Critical Hits.
- Fixed an issue where Deadpool is inflicting Degeneration from Icarus when he should not be.

We are continuing to investigate a reported issue regarding The Champion Boss battle in 6.2.6 not receiving damage in his final phase when his indestructible charges have been depleted.

Additionally, we will be adjusting the Health and Damage ratings for a number of Defenders in Quests 3 and 4. While the difficulty of these Defenders is what was tested and the Quest was tuned for, Summoners are finding them to be more difficult than we would like.

These Bug Fixes and Changes will be coming early next week, but we wanted to inform you of them now so that you can make educated decisions on how you’d like to proceed.

Any 100% Completion Legends Runs of Act 6 Chapter 2 will be handled with our "extra" Legends protocol. We'll treat pre and post-fix separately and give out extra Legends rewards as we have in previous situations. We are still evaluating how that will be calculated, and cannot give details at this time. These will not take the place of those that complete their Legends Run after the fixes are live, but will receive rewards indicative of their position.

Compensation will be provided for those that have completed this content while it was in its more difficult state after we have investigated how many Summoners were affected, and how they were affected.

We do not have an exact time or date for these fixes yet, but will announce that after we have tested these fixes, and ready to push them live.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.


  • These Fixes are now live. We are continuing to investigate an issue where The Champion Boss in 6.2.6 may remain Invulnerable after his charges have fallen off. Though we have not been able to fix this issue yet, we could not hold off on pushing these fixes any longer, and will fix that as soon as we can.
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,586 ★★★
    As an update, we've pushed a fix for the bug where Champion remains invulnerable after his Charges have fallen off.
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