Who should I max out?

Any thoughts on how I should proceed here? Do I continue to improve my new Magik or bump SL up? It will take me ages to get 5 level 4 catalysts again so need to be smart with this! Also only recently acquired Ghost, she seems brilliant to use at the moment, is she worth levelling up considering I already have SL?


  • Shep99Shep99 Posts: 45
    This is my current crop of champs btw
  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 1,974 ★★★★★
    edited June 2019
    Magik is one of the best champs in the game, even unawakened, so definitely focus on her. Void is very good too, and you're better off ranking 5* champs anyway, so those two are your best options I think.
    And regarding Starlord, if he's unawakened I would choose to rank him last out of your champs in the top two rows.
  • Shep99Shep99 Posts: 45
    Thanks! I’ve only had both my 5 star champs a week! Spent ages saving shards and got void, then gambled and used one of the top tier rift crystals and lucked out on a 5 star crystal which chucked Magik out! Still getting used to both of them!
  • Tony886Tony886 Posts: 539 ★★
    Focus on void ,ghost,blade,magik and medusa till you complete act 4 this are best
  • VinvickVinvick Posts: 117
    And x-23 untill blade is duped.
  • Shep99Shep99 Posts: 45
    I’ve completed act 4 once
    Just got to 100% it now
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