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Need help with a decision

i’m Not sure which of these are better
Void or cap infinity war and
Medusa or venom the duck


  • Jlive78Jlive78 Posts: 58
    My personal preference is void and VtD. VtD is my aq god. Void is great damn near everywhere.
  • AshPikaAshPika Posts: 85
    I'd suggest you to do void and medusa (never got VTD in any of my accounts so have no idea about it's usefulness)
  • Strange_happensStrange_happens Posts: 70
    Thanks a bunch
  • Strange_happensStrange_happens Posts: 70
    Alright very much appreciated
  • B_RabbittB_Rabbitt Posts: 136
    Void and Venom the Duck. I have a duped 5 *Void at 4/55 and he is an absolute beast, does a lot of damage over time and shuts down opponents ability. Venom the Duck takes a few fights to ramp up given you store the right buffs, once you do he tears through defenders.
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