My 5 Star champions, vote from 1 to 10, ten is really good and 1 ist 🤮



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    You put 4 twice btw and skipped 5.

    Hood is good, morningstar is pretty but needs to be duped especially for defense, venom is extremely good after the buff, crossbones is really solid, miles isn't to bad.

    Colsosus may turn out to be good but who knows.

    Winter isn't too good unless you have his synergy, king groot is just a tank, hulk buster sucks
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    DNA3000 said:

    DrZola said:

    Don’t agree with all the KG hate. Only “bad” ones I see are HB and Miles.

    Dr. Zola

    If we're talking about someone trying to become uncollected, King Groot isn't as worthless as some here are parroting. He has a ton of health which can be an advantage on Bane paths and he's bleed immune. If he was awakened I'd say he could be an excellent runner for the Villany path in 5.2.6, for every defender except Abom and SW: I'd want poison immune villain for those two nodes. Unawakened he could still heal after SP3, but that's a much slower situation than stacking SP1 breaks. If you play him very well, it could still work.

    To the OP: in general, be wary about anyone who tells you a champ is worthless out of context. This game is not about waiting for the perfect team: almost no one gets it. The game is about using the hand you're dealt and seeing how far you can push it. Every champ has to be looked at in that way.
    Hey man, i think with OP i am meant 😱
    I just ranked up my crossbones, and right now i am gonna Post a vid of my crossbones which made me so happy ♥️
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