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Thor Ragnarok and korg synergy

The synergy between korg and Thor Ragnarok is not working working at all. Kabam please look in to it


  • drkmttr50drkmttr50 Posts: 19
    Ditto, playing latest build on ios 12.3.1 iPhone X.
  • Hey there!

    What mode were you playing in when you noticed it wasn't working?
  • rockstar323rockstar323 Posts: 57

    Hey there!

    What mode were you playing in when you noticed it wasn't working?

    I'm experiencing it too. It happens in any content, arena, RoL, Event Quest, Variant, etc. and has for a while.

    99% of the time it won't trigger if you do a Medium, Light, Light, Light, Medium combo, but it works with every other one I've tried, as long as you end it with a medium attack.



    They all work fine.

    I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the 3rd light attack in a MLLLM combo, if the AI is already against the wall when your throw your 3rd light attack. I don't know if it's pushing them off the wall or what. If you time a MLLLM combo perfectly where it knocks the AI into wall during the 3rd Light attack, the ending Medium will trigger a Fury.
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