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We'll fixing an issue with the Side Quests where all difficulties had the same Selector rewards.

We've fixed the Selectors in Threat Levels 4, 3, 2 and 1 to no longer contain rewards for Progression levels above the target audience.

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Threat Level 3 caps out at Cavalier
Threat Level 2 caps out at Uncollected
And Threat Level 1 has rewards for Proven

AW node bug new map - psychic Thorns



  • JerryJiverJerryJiver Posts: 97
    This happened to me as well this war after I updated. Omega was not taking damage on this node in the previous war.
  • MastercrisMastercris Posts: 87
    I just died twice in AW with Omega red. Thanos you
  • Qu1ckshoT32_GamingQu1ckshoT32_Gaming Posts: 153 ★★
    It's back
  • Denta89Denta89 Posts: 74
    Blade with dangersense are not working too... now we have to a lot of items because this bug is back again. Nice tactic to make money
  • Maximus_SpankersonMaximus_Spankerson Posts: 445 ★★
    I am on thorns path this war and am very reluctant to join. Planning for nodes is hard enough. Planning for bugs is near impossible
  • xCristoxCristo Posts: 30
    Had to go in aw on the psychic thorns path and took omega red 5* r4 51 sig. First champ was a 6* cable. Would have been easy, if omega wouldn't have taken almost 5% health per tentacle hit.
    Thanks kabam for another great patch full of bugs and a very interactive and fair aw map! Now I really believe you don't have beta testers at all or if you have any, you'd better choose other ones. As it is, AW is dead for more than 50% of the player base. Can't wait for the god damn broken global nodes to make another 25% of the player base ignore this mode (especially if the rewards will not be worth it).

    An angry player
  • Ugh this really depresses me. Brought Omega Red for psychic thorns and he is broke again. I don’t know, man. How am I supposed to take this game seriously any more?
  • Ironman3000Ironman3000 Posts: 1,751 ★★★★★
    Lost 60% of mt r5 OR to a r3 Guilly. Awesome work Kabam.
  • Alex_sc11Alex_sc11 Posts: 191

    I thought one of the bug fixes with last update was that Omega wouldn’t take damage against Psychic Thorns when hitting with his tentacles (mediums and heavy, last hits of sp1 and sp2) but in this war I got wrecked when using him against a Red Hulk. The thorns were giving back damage in all its hits.

    Was I mistaken in the fix?
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,196 ★★★
    we had to deal with a high sig 5/65 Korg on the 3rd psychic thorns node... demolished 2 of our guys 5/65 Omega Reds (they had already joined with him)... had to quake him down with 2 quake attempts in order to get past.

    plz fix asap kabam
  • Guvna1Guvna1 Posts: 5
    Thorns are giving back more damage than the defender is taking. Is this as intended?
  • Guvna1Guvna1 Posts: 5
    Thorns are giving back more damage than the defender is taking. Is this as intended?
  • SunnyJim_123SunnyJim_123 Posts: 78
    Any news?

    I had to use a 30% Champion boost, 15% attack boost, 20% health boost, a Cosmic 8% boost, a science 8% boost, an indestructible boost, a regen boost, and 5 level 4 health potions, 1 team revive, and 2 team level for health positions. I did not have a good counter besides omega and died three times against Iceman, Sinister and Havok.

    Kabam, let me know when I can expect ALL of these items back in my inventory. We researched this prior to the fight and found this:

    Please advise and let me know when I will be receiving the items back.

  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★
    With another war about to start, I'd also like to know.
  • Kobster84Kobster84 Posts: 2,898 ★★★★★
    Guvna1 said:

    Thorns are giving back more damage than the defender is taking. Is this as intended?

    It’s based of the defenders attack
  • MenkentMenkent Posts: 889 ★★★★
    Alex_sc11 said:

    @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious any news, is this still bugged? Just to see who to bring to the war

    Guy in my ally just lost his OR. It isn't fixed (again) yet.
  • Alex_sc11Alex_sc11 Posts: 191
    Menkent said:

    Alex_sc11 said:

    @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious any news, is this still bugged? Just to see who to bring to the war

    Guy in my ally just lost his OR. It isn't fixed (again) yet.
    Yeah without a confirmation I ended up bringing Dorm hopefully he will survive. Boosts here we go.
  • Oswaldo72383Oswaldo72383 Posts: 249
    Ridiculous, rank 5d omega, changes masteries, psychic thorns destroyed him!
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 2,830 ★★★★★
    I experienced this also today. Definitely not fixed
  • MirageNoirMirageNoir Posts: 71
    Wonderful how you managed again to delay to fix a bug which was already fixed. So how should it be hard to fix it again? But you decide to let the bug stay on so plenty of people use boosts and potions. This is proof that it’s systematic abuse. And you Dont compensate. Crazy how you are able to ignite so much frustration in an originally really nice game. I predict plenty of people saying bye to this game after this season. Which is a pity but it’s all on you really.
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 2,830 ★★★★★
    @Kabam Miike Can we get an update on this. I thought it was supposed to be fixed.
  • AlmigosAlmigos Posts: 9
    @Kabam Miike here is the proof that Omega Red is still not working against Physic Thorns. According to your announcement that this bug has been fixed my alliance mate trusted your word and took omega for path 3. This fight is against node 15 and of course we got stuck there and we were forced to use pointless items because the game is not working as intended. Please can you explain why omega is still not working?

  • SnizzJuiceSnizzJuice Posts: 10
    About to run path3 with OR - can this be fixed before the next update possibly as it is seriously detrimental to the player base? @Kabam Miike
  • hungryhungrybbqhungryhungrybbq Posts: 2,072 ★★★★
    edited July 2019
    Yep, I actually instructed one of my BG members to bring him.. "yeah, he's fixed now man..".
    Imagine our surprise.
  • VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,196 ★★★
    @Kabam Miike ETA on re-fixing the Omega Red tentacle hits taking damage back from Psychic Thorns node in Alliance War, bug?
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