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Ghost sp2 misses last hit

WiMakWiMak Posts: 354 ★★
edited June 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues
Ghost with wasp-
I phase and throw special 2 when the opponent is further away, the first hit misses, (nothing strange there) the second hit connects, but the third hit misses.

I have been putting in the reps with her a lot in ROL the past couple days and the few instances I HAVE thrown the special when the opponent is too far away, it’s happened twice out of... I don’t know for certain... but maybe 4 or 5 times


  • WiMakWiMak Posts: 354 ★★
    It’s hard to duplicate to get a video as it has more to do with what the AI does but this is what happens:

    It happens even if AI doesn’t dash back mid special and when all three hits are unblockable...
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