LF ally

3 players(eu) looking for an alliance after AQ. 200k 170k and 65k accs, 2 of us use line app. We look for ally who runs maps 2 to 4 and do some AW. Will be happy also work in totaly new ally and help to improve 90% of time we are hyper active but 1 to 2 times month we go out for wekends so dont log in or log rare that days. Looking forward grow togever.
Line id: raimuha55


  • QuicklikeaslothQuicklikeasloth Posts: 86
    We use discord for communication but sound like it could be a good fit for you. Message me in game: quicklikeasloth or on discord quicklikeasloth#6910 if it's of any interest. Discord isn't mandatory but helpful
  • Obaid_Jacob03Obaid_Jacob03 Posts: 72
    Seems like a good match.
    We don't care about timezones.
    We run map 4/3/2 depending on war days..
    Casual alliance, no donations. LINE not mandatory.
    We hit about 400k in summoner advancement and expect no minimum milestones..
    In-Game ID- Reynie3
    LINE ID- Reynie3
    Alliance Tag- DTEN
  • ZombivoreZombivore Posts: 6
    Check us out, no line req'd. Zombivore with the Cheesey Petes
  • Labais55Labais55 Posts: 40
    Tnx guys ally is found
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