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Does anyone want this guy as a champion?

I really like the movie Thor Ragnarok. One of my favorite characters form the movie is Surtur so I decided to try to make him into a champion. So here it is:
My Champion Idea: Surtur
- Surtur is immune to bleed and poison.
- Whenever Surtur would gain an incinerate debuff or passive, it is instead converted to (x) health and (x) power
- Damage done by Coldsnap and Frostbite are reduced by 90%
- If Surtur is near an opponent with incinerate, he heals (x) health per second and gains (x) power per second
All Attacks:
- 80% chance to inflict a passive incinerate charge on the opponent. These passives deal no damage and can’t be shrugged off
Heavy Attacks:
- 100% chance to gain Fury, increasing attack by (x)
If struck when charging heavy attack:
- Inflicts incinerate on the opponent, dealing (x) per second and gain fury, increasing attack by (x)
Special Attacks:
- Removes all the opponent’s incinerate charges and replaces them with incinerate debuffs, dealing (x) damage over 10 seconds. This effect removes perfect block chance and reduces block proficiency by 50%
All will suffer...All will Burn!!!!- Pre-fight Ability
- Surtur starts the quest with 1 Persistent charge.
- He can consume one to activate this ability before the fight
- If Surtur dies, he loses 1 charge if he has one.
- If Surtur is revived by a potion, Surtur gains 1 charge
- For the entire fight, Surtur gains an Eternal Flame passive, granting the following benefits:
Passive: Incinerates last forever
If Surtur is near an incinerated opponent,
the incinerates deal 25% more damage
Surtur is immune to Ability Accuracy
When opponent is incinerated: Burns 2% power per
Special 1: Burns one bar of power
Special 2: Each hit inflicts armor break, reducing
armor by (x) for 15 seconds
Special 3: +20% damage for every incinerate on the
The Eternal Flame passive is lost when below 20%
Special 1: Flames of Muspelheim
Surtur shoots a burst of flames from his sword to his opponent.
- Burns 20% of the current power of incinerated opponents
Special 2: Twilight Sword
Surtur uses his weapon, the Twilight Sword, to strike his opponent twice.
- Each hit has a 80% to nullifiy 2 buffs, inflicting incinerate per buff nullified
Special 3: Asgard’s Doom
Surtur pushes his sword deep into the ground, causing the sword to create bursts of flames strong enough to destroy Asgard.
- Deals +10% damage for every incinerate charge on the opponent.
Fiends of Asgard with Hela and Loki
- Surtur: If the opponent deals more than 10% of Surtur’s health in a single hit, Surtur will place an Incinerate debuff on himself
- Hela: All sword hits have a 60% chance to inflict bleed, dealing (x) damage for 8 seconds. Bleed damage increases by 20% for each fury on Hela
- Loki: Cursed opponents cannot gain power
Evil Devils with Mephisto and Dormammu
- Surtur: If Surtur has a debuff on him, he has a75% chance to purify it at the cost of one of the opponent’s incinerate debuffs
- Mephisto: Opponents with Soul Imprisonment gets 100% reduced ability accuracy
- Dormammu: Detonating a Soul Bond nullifies up to 3 of the opponent’s buffs
Forces of Fire with Human Torch, Phoenix, and Ghost Rider
- Surtur: Incinerates become passives and deal 10% more damage
- Human Torch: Incinerates and Nova Flames last 50% longer
- Phoenix: When entering Overload, Incinerates are paused. When Phoenix stops overloading, Incinerates will unpause after 3 seconds
- Ghost Rider: Specials 1 and 2 have a 10p% chance to inflict Incinerate
Nemesis with Thor and Thor Ragnarok
- All Champions gain +5% Attack

So.... do you want Surtur to be added to the contest?


  • NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
    I wouldnt want to face him as a defender. Bleed, poison, frostbite, coldsnap and basically incinerate immune? What could hurt him? Seems way to powerful to me.
  • SkyBlueGamingSkyBlueGaming Posts: 128
    Can’t people with shock or burst damage beat him? What do you think would make him not OP?
  • SkyBlueGamingSkyBlueGaming Posts: 128
    edited July 2019
    Also I didn’t really add much defensive abilities to him besides the immunities and the heavy charging part
  • SkyBlueGamingSkyBlueGaming Posts: 128
    Whoops I forgot to add what class he is... he’s probably a mystic
  • HERO7052HERO7052 Posts: 1
    I don't think they will add him to the game
  • SkyBlueGamingSkyBlueGaming Posts: 128
    edited July 2019
    It’s ok. I just wanted to see what people thought about my idea
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