5 star cull obsidian

I have just got a 5 star cull obsidian and ranked him up to level 4 of 5 as was excited about getting him.was I to hastey?or was it a good idea? And I'm not uncollected.


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    Cull is a great champ for a specific type of fight but there are much more versatile champs out there that I would rank before him especially if you aren't even uncollected yet
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    If you could take someone straight to rank 4, why are you still not uncollected?

    Players can now pay to get a rank 4 champ
    I remember when r4 was the max ranking, now it’s just pocket change for some...
    It's not "pocket change" for me and I'm cavalier. That person should be easily able to fight Collector, idk why he/she hasn't tried it yet.
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    Solid rank up.
    Cull is a quest monster, needs to get through a few fights for max potential. Update 24.0 has his Thanos favor is bugged tho, except the original charge the other possible 9 charges don’t pause on hits so they just expire after ten seconds and leave just one charge lol
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    Thank you for some comments .I can't afford to pay much cash but fight a lot and collect units until deals come like 4th of July that is how I was able to and I know I should probably be uncollected by now and have sent post asking for tips just not able to YET.
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  • Sburton670Sburton670 Posts: 53
    I've been playing for over 2 years where am I going wrong.as not uncollected yet
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    I've been playing for over 2 years where am I going wrong.as not uncollected yet

    You're wrong by not going to uncollected.
    Why are you waiting?
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    Solid 5* quest team attackers
    Archangel, X23 great bleed/poison debuffs (deep wounds masteries will be huge)
    GhostRider-power control & bleed immune
    Cull great damage potential
    Hyp great damage potential, poison immune, incinerate debuff and regeneration
    Solid 4* to sub in too, Aegon, Archangel, Emma and Magik depending on the paths and nodes.

    Redo masteries and focus on attack, get rid of the class specific masteries (mystic dispersion and the cosmic) yes to assassin, glass cannon but not recoil and suicides. Farm the needed cores to open the best attack masteries, monthly event quest usually have some.
    Here are mine for reference:

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    Lol.. things are so much easier to get now. I had a R4 before becoming uncollected with my Free to play account.
    Cull is a great rank up but unfortunately he's bugged since the last update.
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