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20M Alliance looking to recruit one strong and active member (AQ Map 5 focused / AW optional)

Looking for one strong and very active member.
AQ Map 5 {5 x 5} for all three groups.
AW is optional.
If interested please add me both in-game and through line app at {Superman.ca}, or you can message me here.
Thank you and good luck.


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    FEARZ_0FEARZ_0 Posts: 69
    Hey you still looking?
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    FEARZ_0FEARZ_0 Posts: 69
    Tried to add you on Line but it says “User not found” but I have 6.9k prestig eand i’m Looking for a 5x5 alliance
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    SupermancaSupermanca Posts: 222
    What about in-game? try both
    superman.ca {so that would be Superman dot ca)
    Please try and let me know.

    I couldn't find you in-game of through line-app
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