Black Widow Changes

So As You Know Black Widow At This Point In The Game Is Very Weak Compared To Her Older Self. She Is Not Reliable. So I Think I Have Found A Compromise. Change Her Sig. Ability To This.

Black Widow Starts To Learn The Opponent, She is able to predict upcoming moves to avoid them. She thinks tactically reducing Ability Accuracy By X % Passively. Every Time An Opponent Triggers An Ability The Chance Of It Triggering Again During The Fight Is Reduced By X Percent Until It Can No Longer Be Triggered.

This is kind of like limber however it is chance to trigger X not length of X and It is For Everything.


  • Unknown_SoldierUnknown_Soldier Posts: 101
    I think given the games newest additions of champs that bypass basic mechanics if game (Domino, Iron Man IW, Modok Invisible Woman) and champs that cause unavoidable damage (Korg, Domino, Havok, Void) she needs to be given a buff.

    Prior to 12.0 nerf, she was Godtier along with Dr. Strange, Thor and Scarlett Witch were Godtier and amd considered "too powerful". Well the landscape has changed and there are plenty of Godtier champs that by standards are "too powerful" The nerfed champions need to be re-evaluated.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 4,157 ★★★★★
    I think they should just revert her to pre 12.0
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