Need a tier 8 and map 5 alliance

Guys I need alliance


  • BiznessBizness Posts: 18
    were a young alliance but with older members. just broke away from a group that wasnt growing. in game name is Bizness513
  • ZMKC32ZMKC32 Posts: 4
    we have a 5.5 mil alliance. AW tier 5 and AQ 55533
    My line ID is zachmoraleskc.
  • dfresh81dfresh81 Posts: 49
    bro stop the search trust this will be a great long term home got everything you need rewards killers and most important chill dides that have fun hit me in game or line dfresh81 for both lets chat
  • @orball Hi there! Would be happy to have you, if still interested. My account is thewritingwoolf. We are a 5.3m alliance, and focus mainly on AQ over AW. Message me!
  • Please tell us more about you and what you are looking for???

    Do you have line, what's your rating, etc...
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