Flaming Trinity

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I just got a 5* Domino, I really enjoy playing her and she's already at R3. I have been fooling around with the flaming trinity and it does some great damage, however, it seems like it's somewhat inconsistent. Sometimes it will tick for 1-2k and others around 300-800. This is my first Domino (aside from a 3*), I am very new to her and I guess don't fully understand the synergy. Can someone provide me with some insight on how it works and why I might see those "inconsistencies"?

Thank you!


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    If you crit on your heavy it will deal more damage as debuff
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    The way it works is taking 100% of the damage you did with your heavy attack and turning it into an incinerate debuff doing that exact amount of damage over x seconds (can't remember the exact number of seconds)
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    If the opponent is stunned the heavy delivers more damage.
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    The incinerate placed by the heavy (red hulk synergy) deals 100% of the damage dealt by your heavy over the course of 2 seconds.
    The synergy with massacre increases the duration of any debuff by 1 second.

    Those two combined should result your heavy placing an incinerate that deals 150% of the damage dealt by your heavy over the course of 3 seconds.

    Now, all the differences in damage outside of those values are due to dominos abilities. Her damage fluctuates all over the place.
    To find out the crux of this, read through dominos ability sheet.


    The incinerate damage is bound to the heavy damage. Dominos damage fluctuates.
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