Can we get a TANKING CLARIFICATION from a mod



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    Drooped2 said:

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    @Cranmer00 i disagree on "No one should be perma banned" and i agree with you on "only perma bans should be hacks and bot cheating" but i would add that repeat offenders of smaller infractions be eventually banned. i also don't think entire alliances should be banned. banning should only apply to the player itself.

    Players have choices to play by an allainces rule or.find a different allaince. If you follow and play with cheaters and benefit from their actions you can go with them
    if there is one honest player in an alliance full of cheaters, i don't think it's fair to ban that specific player who didn't cheat. only cheaters should be ban
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    Drooped2 said:

    bb_81 said:

    @Djkrdjj ummm...there's a lot to unpack when it comes to the us justice system and it's not appropriate for me to discuss it here. but in regards to mcoc, i think it ,not too harsh to perma ban for minor game infractions, hell i'll even support perma bans for not helping out in attack phase lol, just kidding. but i'm dead serious about wanting perma bans to be given out more often.

    I had a ally mate piss me off once to the point that after boot I followed him to his next ally and friended the leader and posted pics of his inactivity to him.

    Watched him get booted from about 10 allies in a span of like a week. Then he sold.all his 2 3 4s and left the game.
    AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA BRILLIANT!!! although a little mean lol
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    Just to clarify, where does it say it the rules you cant lose wars or swap allys (never realised this happened).
    While I agree that kabam should fix issues to make it fairer for all, I can't see how you could issue a ban here.
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    That's the thing. Losing or swapping Allies isn't against the rules. Manipulating the system in a way that takes away from fair play is not allowed. Benign things are only benign when they're not used for unfair advantages.
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    This will never be resolved, as long as the master alliances keep topping up kabams profits they will continue to get away with whatever they want. I counted 4 alliances in master yesterday who are already clearing out to their shells for off-season. Whatever kabam thinks these changes will do, the cheats clearly believe they have a way to circumvent it. Cheating has been happening for years and a minority of players have used many nefarious methods to put themselves at the top of the heap, including theft, collusion and bribery. If it wasn't so pathetic it'd make me angry.
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