VOID combo and Quake combo versus IMIW autoblock

Today I specifically recorded two videos.
The tactics are the same. The device is the same.
But notice what the difference between them ....
Given the new global buffs on the map, not so many characters can easily pass through them, but for them this is an insurmountable task)

First video: QUAKE VS IMIW (hit into block). Result: works as intended


Second video: VOID VS IMIW (hit into block). Result: not working properly



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    That because you delayed you combos
  • StarNavigatorStarNavigator Posts: 36
    Do you think so? I don't.
    Try yourself and send a link :)
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    I can record video with tapping, it's a VOID issue
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    This I believe falls under the larger change in frame rate item which champs don’t hold blocks. Therefore you are probably at risk of them dropping and auto blocking. Yes void behavior / attack may be slower but they will say that’s working as intended and highlight if it wasn’t IMIW, Void May be able to “block break” easier if his animations make them drop block more often (just doesn’t work well on auto blocks)

    I preferred the old way where they didn’t constantly try to release block
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    Usually I do the same with Sentinel, and no problem, but today is first day of AQ with MS mini-boss )
    I don't want to break block IMIW with over 10 stacks of armor ) - I'm not crazy )))
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    Due to numerous requests I recorded another video with the third member of the team - Dormammu.
    The result - works as it should, but without result ))) Time-out


    VOID can easy pass throught this, but without this issue

    About the device.
    I specifically bought IPad 5 mini 2019 for the game. I can not imagine a more suitable device)
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    @Kabam Zibiit is it bug ? How to play with this?
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    I recorded another video in duel mode.


    I try again and again but the result is always the same.

    And of course, once again I remind you that I hit the block without pauses, but the IMIW comes out of the block.
    Please comment this.
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    edited July 2019
    If so, then the propaganda principles of fair play are irrelevant here.
    Everything because a bug that goes in favor of the summoners and gives advantages is corrected very quickly and without long waiting for updates.
    And vice versa )
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    I can record videos every day and add to this discussion.
    Here is another one:


    Please clarify what I am doing wrong.
    With the introduction of a global gain in a alliance war which prohibits the use of armor penetration plus specific gain with the addition of stacks of armor in time plus a specific champion Iron Man Infinity War there are not many champions who could pass this cell without loss.
    I present at least 2 options. VOID and Sentinel.
    There are no problems with the Sentinel, this technique allows you to get the desired result.
    Please provide an answer on the Void animation.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious
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    If necessary, I will make a video with tapping my fingers on the screen.
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    Here is a good advice for this node. Sentinel vs IMIW.
    Result - IMIW never drops the block


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    This falls under the "defenders throwing specials when blocking". The ai is faster, and just like you can move during a block and can they, always have been able to, it is just easier for them to do so no. Also you can see that void is attacking slower than the champs this does not happen to.
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    @StarNavigator , as @Lormif said, there is another thread going that covers this complaint/bug.

    Many are calling it a bug, simply because it never used to occur. Something changed without notice, and now the defender is a slot machine of outcomes, when we strike into their block more than once. When striking their block, the defender can drop their block, and we start hitting them, and if they have autoblock, they autoblock (obviously), or they launch a sp at you. (they might also be able to evade back away. not sure.)
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    This thread about VOID animation speed. Other champions (not all i think) in video in this thread doesn't affect.
    @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious pls say something )
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    VOID vs MorningStar.
    Same problem.
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