Alliance Recruitment

Hello my name is Ian, id game SkyfallNow and I'm the leader of an alliance. Since last 3 month, many players join and leave our ally, because we play map6 AQ and AW also become not familiar with some new nodes. We finish AQ rank 300-400, and AW Gold 1 tier 4-5. With the difficulty become more higher and more pressure from the enemies also new event quest, i fell it really hard to find new players to join. We almost open recruitment every weeks. But you could see, almost every minute, the Global node become full of ally recruitment too. You could see the forum about recruitment almost everytime the players also find replace. I have some suggestion for this problems:
1. Population of Ally become rise significantly. Please make limited ally number example make it more difficult to create the new ally. From the cost or the requirement
2. Make the global chat become filter chat by title or rating.
3. Another ideas to make leader easier to find replace with out player
Please help, because i think this is not only our problem.


  • SkyfallNowSkyfallNow Posts: 21
    sorry I mean Global Chat, not Global Node
  • Virge2977Virge2977 Posts: 1
    I think that this is related to my suggestion. Is it possible to create a separate chat space in the game exclusively for recruiting? I go to global chat and it moves so fast because there is game talk and ads for ally recruiting. Just like there is a separate chat for alliance but two global chats. I think this is an easy fix and it could make it easier for alliances to connect with summoners.
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