Selling or Account transfer

I would like to thanks kabam game team for there effort to send a notice to summoners who are likely selling or transferring there account. I play in UK London but the day i fly to the Philippine for holiday after 24 hrs they give notice that I need to be aware of selling or transfer of my account. I am glad they done this so I notified them that its me playing still and i am travailing here and there. Thank you Kabam


  • theMercenarytheMercenary Posts: 115
    Isn’t it for all players, or just certain types?
  • Tudgie78Tudgie78 Posts: 45
    I got that in game message too, and have not left the country recently, or entertain any thoughts of breaking TOS. I hope that everyone got the message, global is currently full of people offering/requesting accounts to sell.
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