Which one?

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Which mystic champ to upgrade?
Dr. Voodoo 5 star r.3
Sym supreme 4 star r.4
The Hood 4 star r.3

Which one? 28 votes

Dr. Voodoo unduped
Vdh2008TKT56Tony886LordNeoDeadpool87ZuroÆgon0710 7 votes
Symbiote supreme duped sig 30
SpeedbumpJyotishkaTaZ_4178Kerneasshadow_lurker22JuggerNotAleorDenzel116MDarwishFhfjghhggggjfhfjgManfréaBolgenX_Factor_AgentGeorgiaDawgEtjamaBlackshadow0203SquishyjrThe_4THUmbertoDelRioFreeToPlay_21VatrisTheSaith 20 votes
The Hood unduped
Foxhero007 1 vote


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    Now? Which..?
  • BlackJ4zzBlackJ4zz Posts: 243 ★★
    I recommend that you hold on the resources, because SS is in certain conditions and youll find that either he'll be God that absolutely dominates the opponent or just a massive noodle and these conditions are very few and far between.
    Hood is just a poor mans SS if were being honest.
    Dr.Voodoo needs to be awakened, i too have in as a 5* but hes only in rank 3 since hes not very unreliable and only use in AQ.
    All in all id hold on those resources just for now.
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    Symbiote supreme duped sig 30
    My 5* r3 sym supreme just oneshoted variant 1.2.3 hype on double power gain node, so if you need a nullify champ, go with him. Also depending on where you are at, you may want to hold those resources for a while, as he might be already good enough
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