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Warlock is just unfair to fight

DshuDshu Posts: 1,503 ★★★★
I don't know who designed the animation for warlock but give that person a raise. That was the funniest fight I have ever faced. His run animation is so funny I was laughing and couldn't intercept to save my life. I was forced to drive him to special 3 twice just to enjoy the cutaway. This has to be the craziest champ released to date and his win screen animation had me cracking up. It was well worth the 2 revives in uncollected eq to see this level of character design. Please bring us a few more of these quirky champs in the months to come.


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    BendyBendy Posts: 4,595 ★★★★★
    U defo made him crazy like hes insane I have no clue what a counter to him is as he cant be drained he cant get armor shatter it's just mad his sp1 is really quick so really annoying to evade I applause though kabam as a robot with all this we needed for so long glad we have one now very fun challenge in uc though for sure for me though
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    ÆrroneousÆrroneous Posts: 85
    Warlock cracks me up! ...and also wrecks me. Funniest damn champ to be release. I love him and hate him already.
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    BendyBendy Posts: 4,595 ★★★★★

    @Bendy he’s really easy to fight. Pushing him to the special 2 makes the fight even easier. To dodge the special 1, do 2 quick dodges and then wait for the third projectile. Medusa can armor shatter him with her special 3. Not the special 2 though. Just intercept and use it

    Just soloed with sl but the degen it's just pointless trying to dex as the degen is by specials is just nuts but I'm not too bothered about evading sp1 as it's super quick I rather just evade last part if time correct with medusa armor shatter I'll have to try that only bad thing is he drains ur power a bit I've noticed so trying to get there be an issue especially with mascholism always healing him but just gonna play round for a bit on things I can try
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    Milan1405Milan1405 Posts: 952 ★★★★
    I completely agree - the dude intimidated me with his creepy facial expressions and nutty animations, so I got slapped hhard
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