Is this guy in my alliance modding?

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We have this guy in my alliance who’s somehow progressed from uncollected to cavalier extremely quickly. I have doubts based on his profile, anyone else think this a possible modder that I need to kick? [Image removed by moderator]


  • Etm34Etm34 Posts: 1,086 ★★★★

    Can’t say for certain since the forums aren’t for this
    Dude is level 47 somehow has a 5/65 duped beardo he could have sold champs but at level 47 that’s hard to believe

    It’s only a 4* Cap, so take him out of the question for a Cavalier run. I just feel like there’s no possible way for this other than spending literally $1000 to get cavalier with those champs. I don’t want to get docked for having a modder on my team
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