Missing Champions in 2015/2016 Rank Up Gems

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As apparently we´re not allowed to discuss rewards of a quest in the discussion-thread of said quest, opening a new discussion should be fine. Right, Kabam?
Kabam confirmed that Thanos, Kang and Ultron (Classic) are not going to be part of the 2015/2016 Rank Up Gems that are going to be handed out as a reward in Variant #3. The question is: Why?
Champions like Doctor Strange, Black Widow, Punisher and Thor, who are undoubtebly less accessible than Ultron, are part of the Rank Up Gems.
These gems are intended to rank up champions that were released in 2015/2016. Why would you exclude champions that were released in 2015/2016 from that? It´s literally the intention of the item.
The only thing Kabam said was "Because they are trophy champions", which still doesn´t explain why Unstoppabale Colossus or Punisher (both being trophy champions as well) are included. Plus, even if you wouldn´t want to include "trophy champions": Why? Who would be affected in a negative way if the gems allowed me to rank up a 5* Doctor Strange or Ultron (Classic)? If I went through all the pain to not only fully explore LOL, but also Variant (both being some of the hardest content in the game), why shouldn´t I be allowed to use the Rank Up Gem on Classic Ultron?


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    Cuz they said so?
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    I was planning on r4 classic Ultron with the 2015/2016 tech gem if I got 1 due to hes my fav trophy champ I have who is extremely hard to get especially as 100% lab isnt as easy but still has challenge to it even with champs like aegon and she hulk but seeing I cant puts the tech class even bad as it is
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    I prefer Ultron (Classic) exempt from the 2016 gem. Ranking him up is a fairly rare occurrence because he is a fairly mediocre champ; if they gave people a free pass to rank him up it cheapens the investment that others have made on that exclusive trophy champ. Whether you chose to rank him up for defensive diversity, or the prestige, his rarity sets his value.
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