Void abilities?

Void question. Recently pulled a 5*, used an AG, brought up to R4, and sunk in 103 sig stones. FOTV is supposed to grant 1268 attack for 40 seconds when active. I always thought this was added to base (1756) but void hits much weaker with it active than without. Losing 800 per hit compared to inactive. Plus each different debuff is supposed to take off 162 health per second. Even with all 3 active, I only get 243 off. Anyone else notice this? Is it a bug? Am I misunderstanding his abilities? Is it not a stacking attack boost but a replacement of the base attack? I couldn’t find another thread on this so just looking for a better understanding. Thanks.


  • TacoScottyTacoScotty Posts: 407 ★★
    For your 162 per second each vs 243 for three.. is the 243 per tick? Ticks happen every half second so you would need to multiply them by two to see per second
  • Eb0ny-O-M4wEb0ny-O-M4w Posts: 13,162 ★★★★★
    Damage per tick seems correct.
    162 per second = 81 per tick. With 3x different debuffs, 81 x 3 = 243 damage per tick
  • SDPSDP Posts: 1,618 ★★★★
    My Void is fine. damage is way higher with FOTV. And others are correct. Damage over time is accurate.
  • AlexAvalonAlexAvalon Posts: 649 ★★★
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    It adds on to your base attack, ive been using void for a long time and have always had a significant attack boost with fotv active
  • Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 150
    Thanks all. This is really helpful. Ticks make sense now. I was testing in ROL and just wasn’t critting on mediums and interpreting as not stacking attack. Tried out in UC EQ 3.2 and see the increased attack boost. Much appreciated!
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