5* Luke cage uses

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Just pulled luke cage as my third 5*
Is he any good at all and what are his uses?


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    Vatris said:

    Speedbump said:

    Perhaps read his abilities, then come back with a real question instead of looking for a hand out.

    Free handouts? I'm asking for advice from anyone who is experienced with him. I understand his abilities but not his utilities and what he is useful for
    his got bleed immune, can reduce power gain buffs by 25% per exhaustion debuff and gain more attack rating from exhaustion debuffs. When awakened, gets indestructible which allows you to get no damage from any attack if hit for a small amount of time.
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    Attack the heck out of opponents. Build a bar and a half. Sp1 stun sp1. Stun. You have em almost half down then they sp3 and you are indestructible. Works only duped. Bleed immune is great too.
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    Basically what everyone else said, but use a medium + 4 light combo to try and stack as much exhaustion as possible, which reduces power gain and increases attack rating. Usually you’ll want to go with the sp1 for the stun or sp3 for the extra exhaustion stacks. When he’s awakened, you can tank sp3’s. Of course, there’s the bleed immunity too, making him viable for any bleed nodes
  • LordRaymond3LordRaymond3 Posts: 161
    I have mine at r4 and he's beast. If you get that sp3 off, I've stacked as many as 9 exhausts AND the parry which gives me 10-11K crit mediums. Since each debuff gives extra attack. Definitely a good pull
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 2,753 ★★★★★
    I own a R2 6* at L22. He’s a terrific champ for so many circumstances: bleed/caltrops, all or nothing, power gain...

    His attack leaps based on the debuffs he puts on opponents. His debuffs depress regen and power gain. He blocks well, hits hard and stuns reliably on Sp1 with exhaustion up (which has a high chance to proc off light attacks). He doesn’t proc a lot or buffs, so he’s useful on Buffet. Perhaps the only place he doesn’t do well is champs that regen off debuffs like Masochism.

    The dupe matters: it gives him indestructible, which is a freebie on getting hit or tanking a Sp3.

    An underestimated aspect is his easy play style: he’s fluid and doesn’t take any special effort to make abilities work. There are no “thread the needle” requirements to get great results. You just slug and stun away.

    Dr. Zola
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