Unit store still broken..?

I don't know if anyone else is still having this issue and Kabam seem to have stopped replying entirely, but my unit store is still completely crippled. Cannot access or even see any offers or bundles to buy, and none of the workarounds, patches or troubleshooting seem to have had any effect, am I the only one still having a problem? If it matters, I'm running android 8.1 on a Huawei p20


  • VynrialVynrial Posts: 37
    edited August 2019
    Restarting the game doesn't help, nor does anything else, and contact have stopped replying, just wondered if anyone else is having the same problem?
  • Hey there, we're currently looking into this issue here. If possible, could you attempt the troubleshooting steps we mentioned in that thread and let us know if they work for you? ThanksQ
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