IMIW or Doc Ock for Variant 3

HendrossHendross Posts: 432 ★★
I have a 5* 3-4 tech crystal I've been saving from Variant 2 for Ghost or Starky, RNG has not treated me well. I'm thinking it's better to rank one of these guys now to help with variant 3. i.e invest in champs that help you complete content.
Who would be better and why?

P.S: 1.1 (limber path) took me 1 team revive and a couple singles using mainly Blade and Quake. So the rest may be doable but relatively expensive.

IMIW or Doc Ock for Variant 3 22 votes

IMIW (Not Awakened)
TerraHairyslugSavio444Bruinsfan8510Rougeknight87LormifCtuchikHedronTheSupremeAshKetchumEdeuink 11 votes
Doc Ock (Awakened)
GamerBigPoppaCBONEdeadLvernon15Mqc19RoOOtsEtjamaSquishyjrThe_4THMsyounus1288TotalMonster109TheTalents 11 votes


  • deaddead Posts: 9
    Doc Ock (Awakened)
    Doc ock crushes that AON Hyperion in 1.2 and the increased power gain line in 2.2 with the electro synergy. You can power lock them and keep them cornered by spamming heavies. IMIW doesnt really do anything sentinel can't.
  • Doc Ock (Awakened)
    V3 and current eq cable

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