Step Back in Time to Celebrate 80 Years of Marvel Comics in September!



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    Hope @Kabam have some awesome special rewards to celebrate Marvel 80th Birthday! By units/offer/buffed rewards/birthday calendar etc. Otherwise we may soon forget this event 😄
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    DrZola said:

    Is this a confirmation that Aarkus and Claire Voyant will be playable champs?

    Dr. Zola

    um, try reading the article linked?
    I must have missed the part where they touched on them being added as playable or not.

    To decipher her plan they mean stopping claire voyant
    You must have not been around when Weapon X and JJ were in the EQ. This could be the same this. Ergo the question stands. Are they playable?
    You do understand when kabam announces 2 champs whether your teaming up with one to stop another they are confirmed everytime. I been around the game for 4 yrs...took a 6 mon hiatus so i know how things are
    You do understand that when Kabam announces 2 champs whether you’re teaming up with one to stop another they are NOT confirmed every time. Look at M.O.D.O.K he was in the game long before he became a playable character. Not to mention the other characters they are just there to progress the EQ from time to time.

    Yes they are confirmed to be in the GAME but that’s not the question asked.
    They are playable characters unless kabam announces it or puts NPC next to their names
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    I hope we get a room for tier 5 basic cat and more tier 2 alpha.
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    So when they say that Aarkus can control "COLD", does that mean that we are getting another Iceman Based character
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    well, clearly I must be some kinda genius to read that and realise they're telling us who the new champions for the month are without it blatantly saying so. I mean, it's only like the posts they've made every other month for the last year to 18 months where they tell us about a new event and mention two or three new characters who are then in the game as playable.

    look at these:

    v24.1 Release Notes: New Events, Quests & Updates
    New: X-MACHINA
    CEO of Da Costa International, Roberto Da Costa, needs your assistance. Join solar-powered mutant SUNSPOT (along with begrudging BFFS CABLE & DEADPOOL) as they attempt to solve one of the many mysteries of The Contest, the arrival of the otherworldly WARLOCK!

    Atlantean Event: IMPERIUS REX!
    A third member of the FANTASTIC FOUR has been located, but it will be a perilous journey into the unknown to recover them.

    Within a prison of water and a forgotten kingdom, ANT-MAN, HUMAN TORCH, and THING are happy to discover SUE STORM-RICHARDS, INVISIBLE WOMAN, but surprised to find her working with NAMOR, THE SUB-MARINER! Sue assures them he is trustworthy, but the long history between the Fantastic Four and Namor leaves the others uncertain.

    Has Namor changed his ways? Will the Fantastic Three be able to escape their aquatic prison? Find out in IMPERIUS REX!

    Thing reveals the goals of the Fantastic Four: Building a beacon that could potentially break the Champions out of The Battlerealm! Unfortunately, it was divided into parts amongst the Fantastic Four, and they have all been lost for some time. Using his knowledge of the Negative Zone, Thing begrudgingly takes his allies into the dangerous region, knowing it will be the place to find Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. With Johnny’s powers going haywire and alighting the Negative Zone in uncontrolled flame, they must contend with Annihilus–and the strained relationship between Johnny and Ben.

    With fears of a clandestine SKRULL invasion, CAPTAIN MARVEL reaches out to the Summoners of The Contest, hoping to unveil the shape-shifting aliens and a put a stop to their plans. Entering the FORBIDDEN TERRITORIES, they find another version of Carol Danvers, a CAPTAIN MARVEL of another universe, who has lost her memories upon entering The Battlerealm and brims with cosmic power. With the help of NICK FURY, the three must trust each other to uncover the true threat lurking beneath the surface.

    A new and dangerous illness has swept over the mutants of The Battlerealm, and the X-Men must align themselves with the Brotherhood to hunt down the source. When all signs point to the return of Mister Sinister, relationships become strained as Cyclops and his brother Havok abandon their allies to join Mister Sinister’s mysterious plan. Can the Summers brothers be saved from the nefarious Mister Sinister and his despicable experiments?

    All exactly the same type of thing: ALL CLEARLY TELLING YOU THE NEW CHAMPIONS.
  • DrZola said:

    Is this a confirmation that Aarkus and Claire Voyant will be playable champs?

    Dr. Zola

    Yes! They will be next month's Featured Champions.
  • New EQ difficulty or buffed uncollected REWARDS thank you.
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    Will Vision (Classic) be offered again this month to coincide with this alternate Vision/Aarkus?
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    DrZola said:

    Is this a confirmation that Aarkus and Claire Voyant will be playable champs?

    Dr. Zola

    Yes! They will be next month's Featured Champions.
    Excellent! Thank you Miike!

    Dr. Zola
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    Will this finally be the month when the Uncollected rewards get buffed? Surely it has to be...
  • when will the rewards be announced of this event quest.
  • This is going to be fun! :)
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    madaan97 said:

    when will the rewards be announced of this event quest.

    Tomorrow when the quest proper is announced
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    Werewrym said:

    Is the Amazing Fantasy the Event Quest or is it something different? Guess I wasn't sure from that blog... Anyways it looks cool and it has to be more fun than labs :tongue:

    Amazing Fantasty is the Event Quest! Time after Time is the side quest, though there's still plenty of other cool things planned for September!
    I am super excited, also I hope the rewards will be justifying 80th anniversary. Hoping to get very well and long remembered rewards.
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    Will rewards gett buffed or same rewards for uncollected @Kabam Miike
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