The only way any of this makes sense

Ok so kabam still makes a decent amount of money each quarter (at least as of 08/16/17). So where does all the money go? Other than paying staff, it sure doesn't end up being spent on the game upkeep.
My guess is they are losing the marvel licensing deal within the next couple of years, forcing them to drastically increase the release of 6*s and other content way faster than it would have / should have been. Milking every last cent they can from people before the loss of the license and / or just completely implodes. Meanwhile gearing up for the next scam of a mobile game and starting the cycle all over again with a different franchise.


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    And seeing how mods just delete posts and hand out warnings, which is exactly what they will do to this. How about respond and just close the thread? This in no way violates Tos, it's a genuine concern I am voicing with the intent of gaining feedback from the community; the very definition of a forum. Alas, regardless of all that this will be deleted soon and yet another unwarranted warning handed out.
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    I'm as unhappy about the announcement of 6* champs as you are (and everyone else, by the sound of it) but this conspiracy theory is unfounded.

    Netmarble owns this game now, Netmarble also owns Marvel Future Fight, so they're using the license on two very popular games and they're making a whole lot of money for both themselves and Marvel. There is literally no business argument for closing either game, and certainly not giving up the license.

    I do have a conspiracy theory of my own, however. These changes feel "forced" indeed, they feel rushed. I believe the suits at Netmarble are behind the drive to introduce 6* champs. And guess what the star limit is in Marvel Future Fight? Yup, 6*.

    The introduction of 6* champs now doesn't make any sense at all, even to the group of players Kabam have said they're trying to please. This is purely revenue driven. It could backfire spectacularly, however.
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    Though highly speculatory, it's not completely unfounded. Licensing IP's are extremely expensive, especially one of marvels prowess. It's possible they crunched numbers and realised it wasn't enough profit to run both games of the same IP, so they grab what they can that's left on the contract and let it die.
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