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Do the right thing

Hey Kabam, how about just once you show just an ounce of integrity. We are all getting tired of the constant back and forth with you about issues that really don’t merit 3 days or 3 weeks of forum whining by us, and manipulative spin moves by you. Do the right thing. And if you are not sure what that action would be, put yourself in the shoes of your players and ask how you would want the issues resolved.

I believe most of us understand that a game this large with so many moving parts is bound to have bugs, glitches and other problems. That’s fine. We get it and accept it. But you need to take appropriate action in a timely manner and compensate accordingly. When it is an issue of programmer forgetfulness or apathy, then you have to compensate just as well. Want some examples?

It has been documented that the top 3 war alliances received double rewards for the season. Most of us have figured out the issue even tho you have decided to not address it and hope we forget about it. Obviously they didn’t really receive “double rewards”, but they were rewarded once for their true placement, 1st, 2nd and 3rd, and then again for being in top 20 masters. There are only 2 possible fixes for this. Rescind the masters rewards from the top 3 or give the entire community the masters rewards. Everyone except the top 3 teams should receive an email with the masters season rewards. This community would be happy, excited and glad to see that you did the right thing and maybe, just maybe begin to start having some trust with you

We have been led to believe that war rating will not be effected during off season of war. Today we found out this is not true. Do you understand that most alliances create strategies on dealing with off season and wars? Some of us are doing 1 or 2 bg wars with garbage placement because we wanted a break until next season. This would not have been done if we knew rating was going to be effected. The best fix is to reset war ratings back to original when wars end tommorow. That’s the right thing to do.

How about the fact that it has been weeks now and you still have not fixed the allaince quest bug where Corvus takes cold snap damage at the beginning of the fight? Do you read the forums at all? It has been brought up multiple times and not a word has been said. This is major violation of trust between us and you. If you can not fix the bug, then disable the node. The absolute worst possible action is to do nothing and continue to allow your loyal players to spend resources and money on a path that would not require it otherwise. How dare you treat us in this manner.

And how about all the modding and cheating going on in those wars? I find it repulsive that a team can go all season cheating and then get punished but still get rewarded while the teams they cheated get zero compensation. That’s not right and you know it. Those teams that had lost to the cheaters should be at the very least given victory rewards and season points should be adjusted for season rewards.

That’ 4 examples. There are so many more I could on and on. But hopefully you see my point. I do applaud your decision on she hulk. That is a step in the right direction

There is an obvious disconnect between your majority player fan base and you the company. You need to fix it. Summoner appreciation weeks and special offers are not the kind of bribery we desire. We want real solutions. We want you to do the right thing.


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    TheBlueBotTheBlueBot Posts: 18
    Please don't forget it's not just corvus that's bugged on that node. Ghost can't phase off the cold snap either.
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    InsaneocrabInsaneocrab Posts: 8
    That’s true, except those benefit kabam so they won’t be fixed. Aq bugs that benefit the player? We’ll have a patch in an hour. Cull delivering god like damage? We’re all over it.
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    AryannaAryanna Posts: 76
    This was very well written, to the point, loud and clear... sadly, likely will fall on deaf ears.
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    DaniDematéDaniDematé Posts: 9
    Pretty sure top 3 alliances have always gotten top 3 rewards and masters rewards... I’m not mad and you shouldn’t be either. Do you understand what it takes to rank that high? There’s a reason the badge is different, the war leaderboard is broken out the way it is. Do this get all this. As for all the other stuff... free to play, not free to win. Much like life this isn’t a level playing field.
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    Bear3Bear3 Posts: 996 ★★★
    No they don’t get both rewards... that only happened now... the masters alliance you tubers have all commented and posted videos discussing how they got incorrect rewards... they’ll just say “we don’t have plans to take action at this time” like they did when people fraudulently were able to abuse the 2015 gems for any year champs and kabam just let it slide.... course hey we’re all up in arms and saying people were exploiting the game when people were farming those revives a while back... hilarious considering they were utilizing a legitimate part of the game for revives and the gems were absolutely not. They pick and choose when they’ll let abuse happen and when they won’t.. it’s laughable.

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    AlphA101AlphA101 Posts: 285 ★★★
    Playing this game makes me loose interest in all mobile games . Back to consoles I guess
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    Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,936 ★★★

    We are working on a resolution for the issue mentioned with Alliance War season rewards and have resolved the issue with War ratings not being locked for the first war of the off season. Apologies for the frustration around these situations.

    If you have any additional information related to an issue with Corvus and Cold Snap please add to any existing discussions about the issue. That will help ongoing investigations.

    We regularly take action against accounts that violate the terms of service in game and are always working on ways to improve our detection and handling around cheating.
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