Question in regards to the mechanics of stun and evade/autoblock, TS/TA and AAI.

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We all know if an opponent is stunned they cannot evade or auto-block (albeit past bugs). How is this mechanic registered? Is the attacker immune? Does the attacker ignore? Is it AAR?

During a stun, a defender can still gain defensive buffs such as armor ups or regen? If it's AAR, then is it just for certain mechanics? Would the AAR be affected by AAI?

If it's an ignore, are "ignores" affected by AAI?

Is it like an immune? Immune cannot be afflicted by a certain debuff so AAR/AAI doesn't play a role.

I pose these questions in regards to aspect of evolution. Since AoE grants AAI, could it potentially cause a guaranteed stun hit to fail in connection with an evade or auto-block?

Also, in the same vein, would TS/TA potentially be affected by AAI and allow the defender to evade/auto-block?

TS/TA's description says the champ ignores those mechanics - they aren't immune nor does it say they can't be affected by AAI/R.

Any insight would be great.


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    Does AAI affect evade/auto-block while stunned?
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    Aryl said:


    Does AAI affect evade/auto-block while stunned?
    Yes they do. It lowers the chance for a abillity to activate. Say that a Domino has a unlucky on a Medusa with 3 furies, the chance for Medusa to autoblock will be lower. And I think Medusa is the only cjamp besides IMIW who can autoblock while stunned
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    1) Medusa can auto block when stunned. IMIW shouldn’t be able to but people rarely stunning him anyway. Medusa Used to not be this way and then an update happened and it changed and they eventually just changed her text versus reverting her back

    2) Yes AAI reduces chance unless champion or node prevents ability accuracy reduction. Assume default chance is 100% unless listed.

    Recent update you will now see “evade” listed while they are stunned.... fear this may lead to them being able to evade etc out of stun. Hopefully not but rather just swap in code to first test if the champion succeeded in an evade roll but then failed since the cannot evade while stunned. Sort of like how immune characters show immune - first rolls to see if event triggered to produce say a bleed and then said this champ is immune. If this is true they should change text to evade fail text
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