Rank up 5* quake vs 5* Hood

could anyone tell me who should i rank up?
5* Quake tank 3 to 4 vs 5* Hood rank 3 to 4.


  • VinvickVinvick Posts: 117
    Can you Quale through in fight? Then quake. One of the best champs.
  • HSCHSC Posts: 87
    Normally, i use quake a lot. Hardly use Hood. So just wonder whether Hood is better.

    I feel that Hood’s invisibly is quite useful too.
  • TheSaithTheSaith Posts: 380 ★★
  • TheRenegade98TheRenegade98 Posts: 120
    Hood has his uses, but quake is arguably the best champion in the game when used correctly, once you get her quaking mechanic down, it's hard for you to lose a fight using her... Will take you through a lot of content, including your cavalier run if you haven't done so already, easy uncollected monthly quest boss fights etc
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