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Act 5 / Champs to beat 5.4.5 & 5.4.6 Bosses (in 2019)

Hi folks,

I'm on the final road for Act 5 completion - missing those 2 final chapters. I've done my research and mostly find champs from around the dates and/or before this content was first released. Not sure if because there aren't really new good champs for this, or if because people are just not wasting time in older content and testing new champs here. The most common suggestions I found are:

5.4.5 Mephisto: Iceman (by far the most popular) / Mephisto / Blade / Ultron / Gwenpool (well... Seatin's video lol)
5.4.6 Ultron: Loki / Nebula with Proxima synergy / Would Medusa work here?

I don't have any of the above as a 5* (besides Mephisto) but have all as 4*'s and would be willing to rank up for this if you think a 4* stands a chance here (at least for some proper damage). That said, was wondering:

a) what you think it's the most solid champ/strategy of the above, and/or
b) whether if you know other not so common options?

Thanks in advance! Any extra tips here would be great ;)


  • Medusa will shut down ultron in 5.4. 6 for sure once you do MMSP1.
  • Thanks @Supermanafficinado the challenge is then just getting to that first armor shattered and then keep it going
  • Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 139
    And void for 5.4.5. Makes Mephisto really easy.
  • @Adamb208 gosh that's so true, why did I not think about that before - I reckon Void came out after Act 5.4 and that's why there's not much of this fight vid in youtube. But found it now - this is perfect, I reckon my 4* maxed out will be helpful here - thanks.
  • @Adamb208 actually now that you mention I was thinking, wouldn't void be also a solution for ultron's regen in 5.4.6?
  • Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 139
    I didn’t find void all that helpful for ultron. His degen procs the buffs that ultron receives and if your timing is bad and he pulls the energy gain buff you are toast. My MVPs were blade ( with GR and Sparky) and sym supreme.
  • Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 139
    Meant debuff procs ultrons buffs. Even parry procs them.
  • Oh @Adamb208 @Adamb208 if only you had come 1 day before LOL... Void was completely wrecked!!!! :D

    But, I did complete the Act (whoop whoop :D ). MVP was Medusa and Corvus just to get some damage (the resilience path helped to build some missions). Tbh Ultrn was quite a struggle and not proud at all of the fight but it's done and I'll revenge once I get the courage to do exploration.

    On the other hand... Void VS Mehisto... what a joke! It was actually a super easy fight with a 4*, if not the easier from the entire lane until the boss. Void just bypassed completely Mephisto's aura and didn't allow him to regen at all despite the souls I fed him on some suicidal fights just before - definitely a 5.4.5 cheat.

  • Adamb208Adamb208 Posts: 139
    @pedroteixeira07 Yeah, that’s why you want a champ that reduces AAR or nullifies. Hence blade and sym supreme being so effective against him. Bypasses activation majority of time with blade or is immediately nullified by SS. When you go for exploration, watch your timing on the buffs. Don’t give him a debuff when he’s got power gain up. Just wait out the timer. I ended up using about 10 20% revives in total exploring and half of that was just one round where I spent 5 getting past him (I was just being stubborn and not wanting to restart the line which would have been the smart thing to do). Play him right, with the right champs, and it is definitely doable.
  • pedroteixeira07pedroteixeira07 Posts: 229
    edited September 2019
    Thanks bud - this is great info. Completion actually got me excited with Story mode these days. Cheers
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