Dormammu AQ

I'm taking damage from his hits when I completely evade them. No contact is being made yet I'm losing health.


  • ZerophunkZerophunk Posts: 207
    It's broken
  • Jimmy_Utah83Jimmy_Utah83 Posts: 246
    It's hard enough dodging that guy. Dorm is hitting the crack pipe one too many times.
  • TrumpootTrumpoot Posts: 185
    one too many times.

    [More Info Needed]

    How many "crack pipe" hits is JUST RIGHT?
  • MrWigglesMrWiggles Posts: 54
    I solo'd a dorm today with hulk and had no problem with evading, just the problem with his sp1 getting blocked at the end of my combo
  • acid21acid21 Posts: 22
    soloed him with starlord. no problems here either.
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